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I think I have special need not available in millumin.
I need one video output to a projection, and one other syphon output (not projected).
Both need to be sync.

I did a single composition 2048x720, 
half left part is for the syphon output 
right part is for the projected one, but i go troubles :

First solution :
I set 2 screen outputs, screen 1 on laptop screen, screen 2 on projector
If I set fullscreen , my laptop is full of the whole comp and unusable also my projector...
If I set both screens on protector, I can't "push" the left part outside the projector.

I tried many tricks on differents parts of the settings but do not really succeed to do what needed.

any ideas ?


  • Hello @vj_dudley_smith,

    You should use 2 instances of Millumin (get inspiration from this tutorial) :
    - one for your content and producing 2 Syphon servers
    - one that gets the first Syphon server, and puts it fullscreen

    For now, it's the easiest option.
    Best. Philippe
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    At this time, I did a fix with an openFrameworks app to catch syphon stream and to do my fullscreeen output.

    I heard about an quartz composer patch able to catch every layer as syphon streams, I would have a try sometimes.

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