Vectorize fonts ?

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Hi everybody,

I use a lot a written messages in my shows.
For now, I use jpeg and png. 
But for a better render, I want to use vectorize fonts ?

Which format can I use ?
Is there a setup I don't know yet ?



  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    You can use a TXT file (from the menubar, click on "Layer" then "New layer with a text source", or click on the triangle icon on the bottom-left corner).
    For more advanced text management, you can use Glypheo.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello all, 
    I perform as 'live writer' and create shows based on live writing (narrative improvisation) over images and videos, and for that I use Millumin. What I do is I capture the text screen of i.e. Focus or Word and input it into Millumin via ScreenCapture Shyphon. Then I apply some effects to the layer (Invert, Screen Blend mode...) and I get the text to 'float' over the backgrounds I choose.
    I guess you can do the same using i.e. Powerpoint or Keynote.
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