Playback issues with 10.6.8

edited October 2012 in MAIN
Trying to use Millumin on an older Mac Mini of mine (which is currently only running 10.6.8) and it does not seem to be able to playback video at all. The raster of the clip appears as an outline, but the inside is just black. I can see them thumbnails of the clips, but they do not play. Is this just a limit of the older OS? Seems like a quicktime issue...



  • Hello @ idsfx,

    Sorry about this. Let's check a few things first :
    • Can you read these files with Quicktime 7 ?
    • Did you install special codec such as 3vix ?
    • What codec do you use ? H.264 ? Photo-Jpeg ?
    • What's the resolution of your clip ? What's the global resolution ?
    • Is your harddrive fast enough to read your files ?

    Best. Philippe.

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