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hello all,
so i'm having a nightmarish time finding a capture device that reliably brings composite video into millumin.

BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt) > Black Syphon works.

However, my thunderbolt ports are caught up so i need a USB device.
I've tried every single one available today (!).

The BlackMagic "Video Recorder" (USB device) didn't work with the App philippe provided us (sent @nimadehghani)

I have found a cheap device (iGrabber from MyGica, now called geniatech) works with VideoGlide (;
my question is, once i have video in VideoGlide, how do i get it into millumin?



  • ps
    i have also tried the USB BlackMagic Video Recorder

    this device works with the blackmagic video recorder app, but again i can't get the video into Millumin.

    any thoughts?

  • Hi Ali,

    I use an UltrastudioPro USB 3.0 from Blackmagic. Works like a charm! The included breakout cable gives you many possibilities to capture highly diverse video signals (including composite). You may need to install an old BM driver pack (I think Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Macintosh_9.7 is the right one). BM although recently released an update for USB 3.0 devices - You should give it a try!


  • Hello @Batchku,

    General rule : if you camera or device is recognized in Quicktime 7, it will play in Millumin.
    So it applies to the iGrabber (be sure to install the lastest drivers, as old one are buggy on Mavericks). It may work, but keep in mind this is far from being a professional device.

    By the way,  you can use directly your BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle with Millumin : a Blackmagic icon will appear in the "Input" folder of Millumin's library (tis means native support of Blackmagic card by Millumin, via Blackmagic SDK).

    The app sent to @nimadehghani is meant to be can be used with a "Blackmagic H264 Pro Recorder".
    Not a "non-pro" one, that cannot be used by other applications, except special Blackmagic application. You should ask Blackmagic support to be sure about that, but I doubt they fixed this issue in the last months.

    Best. Philippe
  • hello,
    thanks for the info philippe.
    i'm aware of the low-fi nature of composite input thru these usb converters.
    i'm having a hard time finding any device that works reliably actually.
    the blackmagic intensity does work but we're in a particular setting where we need all the thunderbolt ports but one for projectors; we therefore only have one thunderbolt left and we're using it for HDMI capture (with a blackmagic device).  so we are limited to USB capture devices.

    re: blackmagci usb: got it; non-pro, won't work for us.

    re: iGrabber; the latest drivers i find are from 2011:

    do you know of later ones?

    these drivers ARE working; the iGrabber app sees the video, and VideoGlide does also; the trouble is making it known to millumin.  

    will keep looking....

  • Hello @Batchku,

    Did you check that your device is detected by Quicktime 7 ? If not, it won't be detected by Millumin (also, it won't be by other softwares).
    Did you write to iGrabber support ? They might be able to tell you if their devices can be detected by third-party softwares, or if it's only possible via VideoGlide or iGrabber application.

    Best. Philippe
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