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I have 2 intensity pro and 1 DeckLink SDI, however when I am connected to the deck link millumin gets weird, it sometimes does not open, stable and need to be run on 32bits know what might be happening I'm with the latest version of the software blackmagic and updated the firmware of the three plates.


  • Hello @paulozinga,

    Version 10.xx of the BMD drivers are known to create problems (you can find more info in some posts on the forum). Could you downgrade to version 9.xx ?
    Millumin only uses BMD libraries : did you test the same setup with the Blackmagic Media Express software ?
    If the problem persists, you should contact BMD support to be sure there is no limitation in using several Intensity Pro with a Decklink SDI.

    Best. Philippe
  • I had the same problem with 2 Intensity pros and a Decklink SDI but have upgraded to 10.9.4 and use the latest 10.xx driver and all works fine. On Mountain Lion the 9.9.7 drivers work great with the same setup.
  • Yep.... Had similar probs. One Hackintosh on Mountain Lion doesn't like any 10.. Drivers but Mavericks seems to run fine on 10... Should I be cautious of any major firmware differences - all seems to be smooth at the mo.
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