Multiple Syphon Outputs

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Is it possible to generate multiple Syphon servers without necessarily having a physical video output associated to it? I would like to generate two (or more) Syphon servers from Millumin which can then be used by two different Syphon clients (using Processing). Currently I have only one physical screen but have selected to have two outputs in Millumin but only one seems to be available as a Syphon output for Processing to use.



  • Hello @tohox,

    The intern system of Millumin creates a Syphon server for every screen (see "Output" popup, tab "Multiscreen").
    You can also create a Syphon server per layer, via the Quartz effects pack.

    Best. Philippe
  • Philippe,

    Do I understand correctly that each screen must be a "physical" display and not just a number of outputs defined in Millumin?

    I'll have a look at the Quartz effects pack.

    Thank you very much!

    All my best as well,
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    @tohox : number of Syphon servers = numbers of screens in Output/Multiscren (nothing to see with physical displays)
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