Preview Window for live capture layers

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I wonder if it would be possible to create PREVIEW WINDOWS for capture card inputs.

I am currently using multiple Blackmagic Cards layered on top of each other full screen, and sometimes don't know if my card is still active or not when I am cutting to that input.

Any thoughts



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    Hello @scaryxpuppy,

    There is this idea on Uservoice that's planned. Also, in the meantime, you can open the "Time" panel (on
    the right of the dashboard), then activate "live thumbnail" to preview a media quickly.

    For more efficiency, as we receive a lot of user requests, we ask the people to enter such ideas on Uservoice : it helps us to manage this big amount of data, never loosing comments from users, and measuring the popularity of the ideas.
    We also change the status of the ideas to "planned", "started" or "completed", so everybody can follow our progresses.

    Best. Philippe
  • Many thanks for the quick replies. All good advice. Will pop any further suggestions in the right channels. Thanks again.

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