Set Color Space on BM Ultrastudio4K Inputs

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I am in the last phase of evaluation and testing Input options.

With my Ultrastudio 4K I can easily input a HDMI Signal into f.e. Isadora if I set the Input Colorspace to 10bit RGB

But in Millium I can only choose Input, Resolution and Hz but not the Colorspace. And I dont get an Input. 
The Output on the PC can not be switched without hacking/which I would prefer not to do.

Am I doing something wrong?


  • Changed the colorspace on the PC to YCbCR444 - now I get an Input - But its all wrong colors Pinkish ... 
    But it might be a Ultrastudio Issue as the same happens in Media Express.
  • Problem resolved by downgrading the Ultrastudio Drivers to 9.8 - incl Firmware downgrade.

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    Hi franzschuier,

    yes indeed, it is a big bug of the actual drivers of blackmagic.
    On the other hand, they are telling, the devices recognizing the colorspaces automatically.
    In reality they do not.

    There are several ways as a solution:
    - Downgrade to older drivers, as you did it.
    - Use converters from HDMI to SDI from blackmagic.

    In my way, i found a perfect solution also to have a convenience monitor for speakers on the stage:

    - I´m using the Lightware MX8x8 HDCP-Pro Matrix
    - every laptop or computer that will be captured is connected to the inputs of the matrix.
    - outputs of the matrix are connected to every input of the existing Blackmagic capture devices.
    - one output of the matrix to the convenience monitor. So I can route any connected computer to the convenience monitor.
    - one great thing of the matrix is, it can convert the colorspace from RGB to YUV and everything is ok ;) also with the bug of the actual drivers.
    - Besides, I have totally comfortable EDID management.
    - A bad thing here, the matrix is expensive. :( But it is worth the money. ;)

    kind regards

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