Midi Controller & Millumin

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Is it possible to use more Options than the highlighted green panels?
I would like to use the Audio & Effetcs Sections from millumin for Midi.


  • Hello @Digimoto,

    MIDI mapping in Millumin is only possible on the "green" controls.
    If you want to extend, you should use MilluPlug.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Phillipe, I will try.
    One more uestion: is it possible to have a preview screen on millumin before i show the next visuals, or is it only possible in connection with another vj software?

  • Hello @Digimoto,

    There is no preview screen, but you can right-click on an item in the library and preview it there.
    Or you can expand the "Time" panel in the dashboard (click on the "<<" button on the right), and select to display "live thumbnails".

    Best. Philippe
  • hello philippe
    i need to use the speed contrlol media with a midi con
  • Hello @coachmen,

    You can do it directly via Millumin. Please MilluPlug instead.

    Best. Philippe
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