Can I use Millumin without any other VJ Tool ?

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Is it Possible to use Millumin without any other Dj Tool like Modul8, VDMX, Resolume or anything ???
Or is it only a Mapping Tool ???


  • Hello @Digimoto,

    Yes, Millumin is a turnkey application : it can work alone, or you can mix it with other softwares through Syphon.
    Did you try the free trial-version (no limitation during 30 days) ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Yes I try it, and it works really fine alone. But my partner is using modul8 with madmapper.
    But for me madmapper works not really good if using 2 or more beamer with TH2GO to get 1 big creen.

    I try it alone and i like it, but sometimes i wish more possibilites to variation my visuals.
  • Hello @Digimoto,

    I'm not sure to understand what you mean, but you use Millumin as a standalone application, or you can get feeds from Modul8, Resolume or whatever thanks to Syphon.
    Please watch this tutorial for Modul8 (there are some other for different softwares).

    Best. Philippe
  • Is it posible to use use my AKAI APC40 Midi Controller for Millumin?
  • Hello @Digimoto,

    Milluin supports MIDI, so it can be used with this Akai device.
    Then, I guess the best is to try yourself with the trial version, don't you think ?

    Best. Philippe
  • I'm triying the test version, but I get no signal on my beamer if i try a matrox dualhed2go.
    I don't know what to do, and your description can't help me.
    If i take 1 beamer directly with the macbook i can use millumin.
    But with 2 beamer and matrox i can't get a signal from millumin.

  • i just get 1 the same picture in both beamers.
    If i make a mapping it's the same on both beamer, but i need 1 picture with both beamer or two different screens.
  • Hello Digimoto,

    If you get the same image on both beamers, the problem does not come from Millumin.
    Millumin does not manage outputs : only OSX System Preferences can do it (in the "Monitors" tab).

    Your problem looks like a Matrox incompatibility between Matrox DualHead Digital and Thunderbolt. Look at this compatibility-sheet from Matrox. If the problem persists, you should contact Matrox support, your device may be broken.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hey Philippe,

    I got a good software solution, It's called: SwitchResX
    It costs only 14 €uro and yoo can challenge your monitors preferences to use older matrox devices.

    It will be important if you post this on the forum for the other user.
    Best regards
  • I try to connect millumin with modul8, but i don't know how i have to install Syphon? Where I have to do the Syphon.framework
  • Hello @Digimoto,

    Did you follow the tutorial for Modul8 (3 messages above, I already posted the link) ? Here is another one for GrandVJ. Watching these 2 short video will make you understand what is Syphon, and how it is easy to use.
    You have nothing to install (Syphon.framework is only for developers, as stated on Syphon website).

    Best. Philippe
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    Ok I understand. I found the Syphon Button on Modul8. But in Millumin I can't find the Button NEW SYPHON LAYER. He doesn't exist.
  • Hello @Digimoto,

    Did you look in the library ?
    As written in my last message : please watch also this tutorial for Syphon and GrandVJ.

    Best. Philippe
  • Ok it works.
    I've made it as in described Video. Look for picture.

    But why I can't find it the Syphon Layer in the menubar?
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