Does anyone know why my Keynote/PPT input is not active now?

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I've never had an issue with my keynote/ppt inputs however, all of the sudden when it shows up in my inputs it shows as if its grayed out and not active. I've put my keynote into show mode, I've restarted millumin and my computer multiple times but no change. I had no issues yesterday with the input being inactive. I'm using an epiphan box or an AJA box.. both have the same issue (today only all of the sudden).

Also, is there a reason the transitions being exported from millumin coming from the keynote input are lagging? I am running from a high powered Mac Retina. I've plugged it into multiple sources and no issues, only when I am inputing into millumin does this lag happen..

Hope to hear some feedback!


  • Hello @Akinetic,

    I'm sorry but I'm not sure to understand your problem properly ... You seems to describe 2 different problem.

    First one : Epiphan or AJA card not recognized as online.
    It's probably a driver issue, or maybe another application is already using the cards.
    Also, I sent you via email, a Millumin version that fixes a problem with Epiphan card (multiple card support, to be release in the next update).

    Second problem : input from Keynotes is not smooth (or got latency).
    This problem should be the same with other application on your Mac. With what application did you test ? Quicktime ?

    Best. Philippe
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