Copy / paste layer attributes in dashboard to compositions (and viceversa)

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Hi to the whole community and my utter congratulations to the developers of the software. AWESOME JOB!!!
This is my first post and I'm a Millumin freshman, so my apologies if the answer to my question is somewhere in the forum. I couldn't find it anywhere.

THE PROBLEM: I have a dashboard and many compositions. I would like to copy / paste attributes (position and scale) from a layer in the dashboard to a layer in the composition and viceversa (from comp to dashboard). Till now, I could only do it manually for each parameter. Never ending story.

The project is very complexed and articulated and being able to do this will speed up incredibly the work when the mapping will start.

I red somewhere about target layers. I don't know if this will fix my problem as I can't find this option on the software and perhaps is just for slicing.

Thank you very much in advance!


  • Hello Lyno_leum,

    Thank you.
    To copy and paste just the mapping properties (position, scale, mapping, warping), click on the menubar on "Edit" then "Copy Mapping only". You got similar options for masks and effects.
    You can also copy and paste one or many layers (select multiple layer by maintaining SHIFT).

    "Copy layers" (that target a layer) is a different concept, but very useful for mapping. I suggest you to watch this tutorial (there are some more to learn Millumin).

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you very much Philippe!
    I missed it.
    Keep up the great work!!!

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