Opacity problem with composition and Board

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I just found an annoying problem in millumin.

I have a board with 1 layer with opacity 100%.
I have a composition with 2 layers.
If Both layers have on opacity < 100%, When I put this composition on a board, the result is darker than in a composition.
If the top layer hase 100% opacity, his opacity does not change in the composition but the bottom one yes.

The workaround is to  add an extra Fill layer at the bottom of the composition with opacity 100%.



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    Hello @vincent,

    For technical reasons, the compositions got premultiplied transparency in the dashboard : in brief, the transparent zones of a composition, appear more transparent in the dashboard.
    This is something hard to change, as it implies to change the core render-engine, but we should provide a fix in the next months. Thank you for your patience.
    In the meantime, the workaround you found is the right one.

    Best. Philippe
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