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I have created a simple QTZ patch that controls the RGB of a layer via midi when inserted. The midi part works fine. If i insert the plug in and click on a media cell the values of the plugin reset to zero and have to be reset to full, This happens each time the media cell is changed so i can not get a smooth transition between colours on media change. 
I'm looking at creating a simple mapped lighting setup allowing cue-able colour changes across a set . 

Any info would be appreciated.



  • Hello @fusion,

    This is the expected behavior : every QTZ file in a media-cell has its own parameters.
    I guess you rather want to create an effects. Two solutions
    1. Create a Quartz effect (there is already a Shift-RGB effect, similar to what you wanna achieve)

    2. Use the standard "Color adjustement" effect, and assign MIDI control via MilluPlug
    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe

    Thanks for the response.

    i may not have been very clear.

    The qtz i have created is inserted on the layer and not on the cells. Even though it's global on the layer changing a cell resets the parameters.

    If i recreate the effect with published inputs that show in Millumin and map it via Milluplg all works as expected.

    Just wondering why it resets the parameters if the inputs are not published and directly controlled via Midi without milluplg.

    So this is the expected behaviour of a qtz on a layer as an effect. A qtz assigned globally to a layer resets parameters on cell change?

    Are the built in effects on layers qtz or coded differently, Is this why there behaviour is different? 

    Milluplug does not allow for more than 30 columns, I use 10 layers of 127 columns all mapped within Millumin.
    I like to have all the midi mapping contained with in one program for neatness. 

    Does this mean i have no choice but to spilt the midi mapping between Millumin and also use milluplug for effects midi mapping, This seems a convoluted way of doing things.

    Are you going to included Milluplg as part of Millumin built in , If so would you increase the cell count for each layer to at least 127. 

    I'm just curious.


  • Hello @fusion,

    If you think it's a bug, please send us your QTZ file on contact@millumin.com
    The parameters of a Quartz Effects should not be reset, even after changing the current media (the blue cell).

    MilluPlug is an application from the labs : it is a simple and easy-to-use application, but not always suitable for complex setup. I guess you should use the developer-kit (look at the nice examples) to built a short and efficient script to control Millumin via MIDI. Trust me, you will save a lot of time.
    To finish, MilluPlug will be included in Millumin, but I cannot give you a release date for now.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe

    Thanks for the response, I will send the qtz file over just so you can check. The midi mapping in Millumin is very good already, I already have written my own front end controller which works well with Millumin, I guess i'm always trying to push more from my end.



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