Problem when animating the opacity of layers in a composition.

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I first select a layer in a composition  using OSC 'millumin/selectLayerWithName/xxx' , the opacity animation is taken into account when i select the composition.

If I put the composition on a board, that opacity modification is not taken into account.




  • Hello @vincent,

    I'm sorry, but you cannot control a layer that is inside an embed-composition (a composition in the dashboard, or a composition in another composition).
    In brief : only the layers displayed in the list, can be accessed via OSC.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks.

    Ok, it's to bad because I can't use composition.I have to create all my layers in the board.
    I suppose it's the same for effects?

    Maybe something for the future?


  • Hello @vincent,

    Yes, it's the same for the effects.
    On the short term, no improvement in this direction is planned. On the long term, we might consider this, but I cannot guaratee it will come for sure.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Phillipe

    Cool. Would be a great feature...The keyframe on opacity is great but being able to use wireless sensors on composition layer will be nice.

    Thanks. Vincent.
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