Border and cropped image

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I'm not sure how I could solve that problem.
The following examples are on the attached image.
I want to crop, for example, a presence of a input-signal or image. After the cropping I´ld like to add a border.
The result is a black gap between Border and image. This is the example above.

I built a Quartz Composition with border and shadows. I have placed this compositon in the folder Users/Library/Graphics/Millumin. In a MacBook Pro jumps on the fan with selecting this effect. The whole system is thus also quite sluggish. :-O This is the example below. After cropping, the border appears behind the image. The composition is also attached.

Does anyone have an idea or workaround to solve this behavior?




  • Hello @CitizenCaine,

    An effect containing a blur can be very ressource-consuming. I guess this is the reason why your computer is getting slow. For the rendering, Millumin and Quartz Composer use the same libraries.
    Also, the crop in Millumin is always rendered last, so that's why it's not working in your case : you should include your crop directly in your Quartz composition.

    Best. Philippe
  • thanks for the info :)
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