Millumin output to web stream

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i'm looking for a way to stream the output of millumin to the web, so that i can view it in a browser.

has anyone tried anything of the sort?



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    Hello @Batchku,

    A software solution could be to use iGlasses :
    - use "Syphon Out" with Millumin
    - grab this Syphon server as the input of iGlasses
    - grab the "iGlasses" source (shown as a webcam) in your webcaster.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you philippe, nice solution.
    I'm hoping to use a more robust/scalable streamer server, like the quicktime broadcaster (which appears broken under 10.9.2!) or the darwin streaming server.   are you aware of any possible connections for them?

  • Hello @Batchku,

    This solution should work with such streaming server (as they can grab a camera, even a fake one as the iGlasses one).
    For the rest, I'm sorry, I don't know more.

    Best. Philippe
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