Layer Transitions

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Hi Philippe

On user voice that you had suggested more transitions , Just wondering if there may be more.

It would be great if there could be some transitions such as page curl and mosaic etc (would look great on a mapped set) , I've had a look at doing this in qtz and can do a lot of FX but don't quite see how to read the media your on and the next triggered media at the same time so as to have correct transitions for the front and back of the effect.




  • Hello @fusion,

    I created this idea on Uservoice last year, following an email I received from an user.
    However and to be honnest, this is not currently a priority in our roadmap (that's why it's not marked as "planned"). I'm sorry, I hope you're not too disappointed.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe

    Would be fantastic to have these kind of fx but i understand your working on a lot of things .

    Maybe in the future,


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