Some suggestions for a better workflow

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During my actual project, i notice more and more things i´m missing for a better

and structured workflow in Millumin. Here are some suggestions i like to share. 

Unfortunatly i can´t put them into the User Voice, i´m out of votes.

Mapping section:

- Shortcut for Copy Mapping only

- Shortcut for adding new Slice/new mask etc.

- Keep mask size when change size of slice in the editor

- Lock masks

- Custom warp grid by adding/deleting mesh points

- Load custom warp grid from mesh file (.dae / .obj) 


-Move/arrange/remove compositions in/from the tab bar

-Hide all Copy Layer

-Pre-compose Layer 

-Duplicate Compositions  

User Interface:

-Open/Close for the layer/effects/Audio section 

-Folders for the input section


-Preview Monitor Output of the final result

And furthermore, Shortcuts for everything!

Best Jerry

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