Blackmagic Decklink Drivers

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Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the Blackmagic Desktop drivers 10 and 10.1 . 

Millumin opens with the older drivers but not with 10 or above when i have a decklink card installed (Mini Recorder) . 
Looking at getting a 4k Decklink extreme but could do with knowing if theres any known issues the desktop 10 drivers and Millumin.



  • Hi fusion,

    try the 9.9.3 driver.
    Had also some problems with the actual drivers 10.0. and 10.1. with the Ultrastudio 4k TB2.


  • Hi Daniel

    Thanks for the response. Currently using 9.9.3 , Was not sure if the decklink 4k pcie was supported with the series 9 drivers. One quick question are you able to run hdmi at 4k into your ultra studio from something like the new macbook pro, I'm looking at using it as an alternative input to show keynote across 2 screens at 3840 x n 


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    Hi Matt,

    yes, i´m able to capture a MacBook Pro with it. Max. resolution i tried was 1080p 60Hz with a MacBook Pro Early 2011.
    The Ultrastudio 4k automaticly recognize the input in RGB colorspace.
    You have use only the correct cables. You may not adapt in between if you have no signal.
    In 4k resolution it should work. Since the Ultra Studio 4k officially supports it.


  • Cheers Daniel 

    Thanks for the info.

  • Hello @fusion and @CitizenCaine,

    For retrocompatibility, Millumin uses Blackmagic SDK 9.3 (that was released with the Blackmagic drivers 9.3). It natively supports Decklink, UltraStudio and Intensity series.
    So Millumin is compatible with drivers 9.3 and above, including drivers 10.1 : I tested it against Intensity series, and everything is fine. However, I didn't have time to test it with the Ultrastudio 4k TB2. I'll try to do it asap.
    On your side, when you do the test with Millumin, be sure to do the same test with Blackmagic Media Express and see if there is a difference.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe

    I get problems with the 10 drivers if i have 2 intensity pro cards and a decklink mini recorder card (SDI) in the machine. Millumin won't open. It's fine if i take out the decklink card but i use it for camera.

    Looking at eventually getting a 4k decklink card and a quad input decklink card so may not have this problem when i change cards.


  • Hello @fusion,

    I had troubles with version 10.1, even with Blackmagic Media Express.
    In the meantime, please use the 9.9.3 version of the Blackmagic drivers, as suggested by CitizenCaine.

    Best. Philippe
  • Does anyone happen to know where I can locate the 9.9.3 version of the Blackmagic drivers? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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