3x2 "Stacked Monitors"

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I recently purchased a retina display macbookpro.  I have 2 triplehead2go connected for a total of 3 screens recognized by the os:
1. MacBook display
2. triplehead at 3072x768
3. triplehead at 3072x768

In the screen arrangement i have one on top of the other and the OS sees it correctly

|     1       |
|     2       |

However, if i try to create multiple display out from Millumin at 3072x1536, Millumin goes crazy.

If I go 6148x768 no problem.

Am I doing something wrong?


BTW, this program is awesome!  Thanks.


  • Hello @avasquez,

    What do you mean by "goes crazy" ? Do you endure lag ? Is the framerate choppy ?
    Is it happening only when going to fullscreen ?
    Tell me, I would like to dig this.

    On my side, I tested on a MBP Retina, and the 3072x1536 resolution is working smoothly.
    However, I tested with only one TripleHead, not 2.

    By the way : Millumin doesn't support vertical stack for the moment, only horizontal. So I guess you should run in 6148x768 resolution anyway. Don't you ?

  • Thanks for the rapid response!
    "Goes Crazy" = the image being distributed unusually across the six monitors, strange order and aspect ratio, but if vertical stack is not supported that could be the problem all by itself.  The six screens horizontal works pretty well.  I do have some issues that presented themselves from the latest update, which I will go through in a second.

    According to Matrox 2 tiple heads are not supported on Mac OS but its working nicely, except for the fact that I can't really render to all the screens at once.  Quartz Comp sees all three screens, so its not doing what I need yet.

    Problems since upgrade:
    I have been using a Matrox MXO2 mini to ingest 720p 29.97 8bit YUV from another macbook that is playing keynote.  In the previous version this input worked rock solid for 3 days without stuttering.  In this new version, the video freezes after about 20 minutes.  If i click stop on the layer and then play again it resumes properly.

    The other issue i have, is that when I select the matrox as an input source, all the supported modes show in the layer, but I have to guess what mode to activate because not all text is showing. 

    I have been hammering away with your program, and I find it fantastic.  If i run into more issues I will let you know.

  • Ok, I think I got the same "crazy" behavior, but it was when my Matrox wan't setup correctly, and not because of Millumin. Running a Matrox on Mountain Lion, isn't so easy as on Snow Leopard !
    I guess it's coming from the new Retina display, that manages the display size totally differently.

    Anyway, if you uses 2 TripleHead, you should setup them one by one (so their firmware are updated correctly), then plug them both. It seems to work nicely on your computer, despite what's Matrox said :)
    However, you won't be able to see your 2 TripleHead as one screen at once : you use 2 plugs, so it's 2 displays for OSX !

    About your first problem : I didn't change much on the new update. It's using Quicktime components, as in previous versions. Are you sure you didn't change something, such as going to OSX Mountain Lion.
    I sent you an email with the previous version (0.62), so you could run the same test as before and see if it's really coming from the update.
    On my side, I ran a test with an HD camera input, and I worked well. I'll run other tests as soon as I receive my Blackmagic's Intensity Shuffle capture card.

    About your second problem : I added tooltip on board's cell, so you could see the whole name easily. Is that what you needed ?
  • Hello Millumin i have two TH2G DP Edition I can use them both correcttly then when I try and use the HDMI for external monitor it makes the TH2G screens change to a small aspect that I can NOT change. Any input on this?
  • Hello @iamcrush,

    Millumin does not manage TH2G : it is OSX that recognizes and configures it.
    I don't think that the HDMI output could be used with a Matrox. To be sure of that, you should contact Matrox support : they are quite reactive and nice.

    Best. Philippe
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