millumin beginner

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Hello I just discover and try the software today, very interesting..
But I just try to play 2 medias in composition1 (medias 1920x1080 compressed in photojpeg), i put two cues between the 2 medias
and just play with fullscreen on my second monitor and there was a big bug... picture begin to crash, shake... I've got a mac pro quad core intel xeon working on mountain lion with ATI Radeon HD5770 1024 Mo.
So do you know what is the problem? 

Thanks, I would be glad to go further with this software


  • Hello @portenawak,

    What do you mean by "crashing-shaking" ? Is the fullscreen not playing smoothly ?
    You got a nice machine, and you shouldn't have trouble running this. Sorry abouth this.

    A few questions :
    • How is your resolution on your second monitor ?
    • Is your hardrive fast enough to read the 2 files together ?
    • If you play without going fullscreen, do you have the same problem ?
    • Could you take a video (with Quicktime X for example), so I could see your problem in action ?
    • Could you send me your project file, and if possible one of your media (or an extract) ?
    Please, send me these files at

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