Media Reverse

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Any way to reverse the playback direction of media. Looking at making a simple interactive installation from held buttons to run videos in alternate directions to give the effect of curtains opening and closing or plants growing/shrinking etc.



  • Hello @fusion,

    No sorry, it's not possible. We don't allow such reverse playback for performance reasons : it may slow down your computer, as movies container are not designed to be played backwards.
    However, you could use MilluPlug (or directly OSC). For example :
    - create a "Keyboard" plug
    - click on "toggle" so it acts as a switch
    - choose to control the media's speed in Millumin
    - set up the range-value from -100% to 100%

    You can also vote for this idea.
    Best. Philippe
  • Cheers Philippe

    Thats great ,thanks for the info. Understand you don't want to compromise on performance ,Totally agree.


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