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Hi Philippe ,

I 'm working on now really around for a while at various options for computer inputs. Now have already bought some and tried it.
Firstly, the AJA IO XT, which is sometimes even non-native support of Millumin. In a question from me by December 2013 it was said that they will be supported in two or three months. We have now already April .
Secondly, the Ultra Studio 4k which under some circumstances is not cascadable .
I would like to but do not take more money in hand and simply buy more Ultrastudios 4k, with the possibility that it does not work.

So far, all in all not true, as I also imagine so. Since the HDMI inputs would for analog XGA resolution do not work.

My idea would be easy to want to rely on more professional solutions of Deltacast. How, for example, the DELTA- dvi -e 10 - 20 with DVI inputs.
They write the following on their website :

Not a OEM developer

Please contact your software supplier in order to clearly identify the support request subject. If the subject looks like being card related, we would strongly recommend that your software supplier, our OEM customer, contacts us directly.

The Drivers & Installation guide for our products, can be found Here.

I wish for Millumin a professional solution for computer inputs to be able to provide. The other methods are sometimes all here in the forum are not satisfactory. If I need to connect an older computer with analog VGA connection for example. Then it would not work.

The method with the DeckLink Studio in connection with the DVI Extender also not all possible computer resolutions. In addition, apparently being interlaced.

It would be nice if you could here along a bit. Thus, your software would also be helped and I could use your software for professional events. Since then I had this decent computer inputs.

Millumin could be a nice alternative to Watchout and other solutions. But as long as there is no professional solution for computer inputs are available I can´t use it at events. There must be thinking of a variety of resolutions and analog and digital computer inputs also.


Citizen Caine


  • Hello @CitizenCaine,

    The AJA Io XT works correctly with Millumin : we own one at out studio, and we can perfectly capture via the Quicktime component. The daisy-chain is also fine. So input is ok.
    We are mainly focused on enabling output for AJA Io XT, and trying to reduce the input latency (despite it's already low). Sorry, I cannot give you a release date for now. Sorry.

    We also own an UltraStudio 4k, and the daisy-chain should be available if you use Thunderbolt 2 ports (not sure about Thunderbolt 1). Be sure to contact Blackmagic in case your card has something broken.

    Keep in mind that supporting specific devices takes time. We do our best to natively support some when the manufacturer doesn't deliver full drivers.
    About Deltacast, I cannot guarantee that we gonna support these cards. Please create an idea on Uservoice, it's the best way for us to know if there are other people in your case.
    By the way, did you see the Datapath capture cards ? We got a partnership with them to support the Datapath X4 (multiscreen), and maybe we will extend this in the future (but not in the next months).

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for the reply. 

    It seems to have been a misunderstanding. The Aja IO XT and Ultra Studio 4k work reliably. The latency of the AJA IO XT, however, as you mentioned above. 

    Deltacast and Datapath here would certainly variants which would be welcome. I will make in the near future a proposal in UserVoice. 


    Citizen Caine

  • Hello any update in regards to support Datapatch Capture Cards Natively ?

  • Hello @Arveen,

    This thread is about Deltacast cards, not Datapath.
    As now, there is no plan to support such devices, but feel free to submit an idea on Uservoice : it helps us to keep track of user requests, and see their popularity.

    Best. Philippe
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