Smpte/ mtc follow timecode

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Hi i work for a projector company, we are currently looking at upgrading our computers/ systems, and are exploring the mac world for projection control after endless windows/ pc problems, milliumin seems like the perfect solution as it seems like an excellent versatile program, and a major advantage is it is considerebly cheaper than wings/ pandora/ watchout, however the deal breaker is it cant follow smpte/ mtc. Is this going to be included soon?


  • Or more specifically I want to use it for my own project as well, using ableton as the head device, and have millumin follow it.

    As it is music based, I want ableton to be the head, so the video follows the music. Ableton does not put out mtc, so I was thinking of striping smpte to an audio channel and a video program follow that.
  • Hello @Peteroleary,

    We're working on SMTPE/MTC, but it won't be ready in the next months.
    In the meantime, you can vote for this idea.

    Best. Philippe
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