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Hi All,

I am doing a theatre piece. Using Millumin. I am using compositions to play all videos, not dashboard.
I need to play a 90minute long video on the 1st layer and other videos on the 2nd layer.
I need to play the other videos at certain points(called by the stage manager) of the 90 minute long video.
How do I create cue points for the videos in the 2nd layers without affecting the 90 minute long video on layer 1?   

Is it possible in compositions or even dashboard?



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    Why don't you want to play this on a Dashboard?
    It would be, to my opinion, the easiest for what you're doing.
    You can then either play your 90' video directly from the Dashboard, or, if you need to use composition for this video, insert this composition with only your 90' video into the Dashboard.
    Then, on a second layer, you'll have all the clips to be launched by the stage manager.

    Cheers ;-)

  • HI K,

    the trick that took me a while to figure out is to put the columns on "continue".
    if in the dash board view you hit "cmd+e" you get the settings.
    then click the continue in the next column of the 90' part.
    this will make it possible to "go" with the next column and keep the 90' min playing.


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    Hello @kailashed,

    Thank you @vbaudron and @Sander (see the messages above) : you explained everthing very well, and I cannot see something to add !

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi vbaudron, Sander and Philippe,

    Thank you very much. I didn't realize about the columns on continue mode. This issue is now sorted.

    loving Millumin. 

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