several Ultrastudio 4k or equivalent

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How many Ultrastudios 4k would support the new MacPro simultaneously? 

I would like to connect up to four or more Ultrastudios 4k. For various computer and video inputs. 

The new MacPro would have three independent Thunderbolt buses. Would Millumin recognize the Ultrastudios 4k as independent devices? 

Or there would be professional alternatives that would work with the new MacPro and Millumin? With many DVI and SDI inputs.

Maybe with a Sonnet enclosure and Datapath cards for example. Compatibility with Millumin is of course a prerequisite.

I would be grateful for ideas and experiences.




  • Hello @CitizenCaine,

    We tested the Ultrastudios 4k V2 and it works perfectly with Millumin.
    We didn't test with 2 or more models at the same time, but we used Millumin with several Blackmagic Intensity cards, and everything was recognized correctly. So it should be the same with the Ultrastudios 4k. Of course, you should ask Blackmagic support to confirm this (Millumin and Blackmagic softwares use the same libraries).

    As an alternative, an user tested 2 chassis with 2 Blackmagic Intensity each. Of course, Intensity cards are better than Ultrastudio if you need several inputs. More info on this post.

    Best. Philippe
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