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Hi all,

I'm a total Millumin newbie, and this is probably a silly question, but i have dropped some movie clips in different formats to the dashboard in Millumin, and when selecting a video clip, the properties panel doesn't allow me to set the bpm/number of bars as the manual is suggesting.

How do i set the master tempo in Millumin and get the video clips to sync to this master tempo?

Thanks for all your help in advance!


  • Hello @paavosiljamaki,

    I'm sorry but BPM support has been removed, mainly because it was poorly supported in Millumin and not useful for people. We're thinking about a new system to synchronize audio and video, especially with Ableton Live, but we cannot say more for the moment. Sorry.

    We'll update the manual, my apologize for the mess.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for your reply Philippe!
    Love the program, will probably look at figuring out how to use OSC to do that instead!

    All the best
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