How to set up a FAde out transition

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I am working in the composition mode not the dashboard. and I need to work on the composition mode. 

In comp mode I can select a clip go to effects and select simple fade transition increase the duration and this give me a nice Fade IN, I want to do the same with Fade Out. 

I tried the advance transition and it didn't work to give my clip a fade out.

I Know I can use keyframes But I have to do so many of them that it is a big hassle to use keyframes to fade out,  Am I missing something? is it possible to do a fadeout in comp mode? 

thank you


  • Actually I can only add the fade in to the first clip of the layer, not to every clip on the layer.

    Is there a way to add fade in and fade out to individual clips on a layer in the composition panel?
  • Hello @tsiwt,

    "Automatic transitions" can be applied at 2 levels : layer-level and media-level.
    By default, Millumin uses the transition of the layer (if defined) to fade-in and fade-out between media.
    If a media have a specific transition, Millumin will use it to override the default transition of the layer, but only to fade-in. Fade-outs are always calculated by the transition of the layer.

    Transitions are not designed to work with compositions, that rather work with keyframes. Sorry.
    We are thinking about creating a new type of transition "à la Final Cut", but nothing sure about. Feel free to submit an idea on Uservoice.

    Best. Philippe
  • Yeah I kinda needed the transitions "a la final cut"  I am working on a permanent installation that runs over 40 hours and  because of the integration of syphon we chose millumin, but  the transitions via keyframes is gonna take me a long time to do, but i am doing it.
    thanks again

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