Comp exported bigger than in millumin

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Me again..
I do some carton installation with a Qumi Q5 that I leave as a standalone process (the set and the projector running in loop mode) without any computer.
My problem is that once I exported my comp in millumin, it's a little bit bigger once in the VP (usb key) 
Is there any trick to have the exact same size from millumin to the itinerant set up without rescaling everything or moving my carton scene...?
hope i'm clear enough, thank you.


  • Hello @roulito,

    I don't think the problem comes from Millumin : your Qumi Q5 may rescale the content.
    You should contact the manufacturer to know how to disable this, when playing content from an USB key.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you Philippe,
    I contacted them.
    Waiting for a feedback.
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