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I 've been testing Millumin with some large videos and am wondering about the ram preload. I know this has been discussed before but i'm looking a bit more in to it.
I'm running videos at 9600X1080 through 5 outputs and Millumin is amazing, I have read that the media is preloaded for the next column . 
Will there be an option to preload all media regardless of column.
  I'm running Millumin from a separate controller to cue the media layers and media so this is not in order nor does it use the compositions.
I have media on ssd's and its fast but it could help on the pick up of large videos in cues. I'm looking at upping the ram in the machine to at least 32GB.

One other thing i have found is that on 9600 x 1080 videos things run smoother with pro res 422 or intermediate than photo jpeg.


  • Hello @fusion,

    Preload in RAM is always done, until the memory limit is reached : you can change this limit in the Preferences.
    Of course, in 32-bits mode, this max is 4 Go.
    In 64-bits mode, the max is 16 Go (but in next update, it gonna be 64 Go, despite it's almost useless).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe thanks for the Fast response . Could you give me an idea as to why the media will paly fine but once or twice when i jump from say media 1 to media 90 on layer 1 via midi it may take about half a second to come in. All the media is on SSD and the midi are clean note on's only sent via sample and holds to stop any double triggers. 

    Cheers Matt
  • Hello @fusion,

    Be sure :
    - you're on 64-bits mode (restart Millumin if needed)
    - you have set the RAM limit to the max (16384 Mo)
    - you have click on "Optimize" (top left corner) and all your video are in a suitable codec
    - you didn't change the "start" point of your movies (this adds extra calculations when starting it)

    Best. Philippe
  • Hey fusion, what hardware are you running to send 5 outputs? Are you using Matrox or Datapath?
  • I'm Running a custom made Hackintosh Which allows me to run 8 outputs and 3 Blackmagic inputs. Its based on the lga2011 chip and x79. 
    Just if any one is interested Mavericks works fantastic across both cards and i'm not getting any lag at all between outputs ,Even when running 9600 x 1080 and a couple of 4k's.
  • Hi fusion,

    Could you list your hardware spec for your hackintosch?
    It would be very usefull.
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