strange out of sync behaviour?

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Hi all,

I hope I just missed something here.  I have a composition that has 4 layers and each layer is playing the same video but the video fades in at different times on each layer.  in the composition everything works great.  but when i go to the dashboard and play the composition the 4 videos are greatly out of sync.  and the issues is worse if you play other columns before i press play on the column with the issue.  i was using cue points as that was better for my situation.  i took out the cue points and edited the video and now it works better.

my question is why is it out of sync when i use cue points and not out of sync when i don't.  i would much prefer to use cue points and leave it at that as that would save a step in my workflow but if it is essential to render out the composition than i can.  i just don't want to :)




  • Hello @dodgeroo,

    In the composition, the cursor is already set at start time : so all the movies have been preloaded and at right time.
    In the dashboard, Millumin has to start everything from scratch. Fortenatly, it always preloads the next column : it means it preloads the different media that gonna be used in the next column.

    In your case, you have several instances of the same movie starting at the same time, but Millumin preloads the movie only once, for performance reasons. Also, Millumin always preloads the movies from the beginning : so if your cuepoint is set in the middle of the movie, Millumin has to seek for this time position (this operation can take some milliseconds).

    We planned to upgrade the rendering engine, so preload takes in consideration the number of instance and the time position. But it won't come in the next months. Sorry.

    In the meantime :
    - yes, setting your cuepoint at the beginning of the movie is always better
    - if you have the same movie, running at the same time, please use "copy layer" such as in this tutorial

    Best. Philippe
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