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Hi Philippe,

in the last month I use Millumin frequently for many sport-events and I´m very happy with it. :-)
For the next steps I need a solution for SWF-Input. It is a small software for calculating live-results and getting the design from Flash with an alpha channel and the output is an SWF File.
Did you have some ideas or just a tip whats the best way to get this into Millumin?



  • Hello @Burner1983,

    Millumin do not support SWF.
    But you could use Syphoner to get the result of Flash Player into Millumin. See this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks, I already thought about using syphoner, I think this will work well. Only "problem" is, that it takes a lot of ressources, the fan is always going hard.
    Can I get the alpha-Channel in Millumin via syphoner?

  • Hello @Burner1983,

    No, Syphoner won't get the alpha channel. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
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