frame rate mix and match

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which is the best practice in those two, performance wise :  

- keeping frame rate as it originally is, saving on file size for those 24p and 25p clips, while keeping others at 29,97 or 30p (depending on source footage)  
- making sure all clips are at the same frame rate (I imagine that would facilitate crossfades and whatnot.)

Hope I'm clear enough.


  • Hello @macm,

    Most monitors works at 50hz or 60hz frequency, and Millumin is synchronized to them (it means 50fps or 60fps). So you shouldn't care about movie framerates : all the videoframes will be displayed anyway.
    The only case you have to care, is when the movie framerate is 50fps or 60fps : in that case, the framerate needs to match the monitor frequency (50hz --> 50fps, 60hz --> 60fps).

    Of course, your graphic card must be powerful enough to avoid performance issues : click on the menubar "Output" then "Display FPS", and check that the fps is stable.
    Please click on "Optimize" to be advise about performance optimizations.

    Best. Philippe
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