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Hello! I've been using Millumin in our church to generate live visuals for our worship music for around 6 months now, and since then have rolled it out to all nine of our locations. The way I work is I will create a new composition for each song and build out that timeline with different pieces of content changing and animating throughout that timeline, and I will reuse those every time we play that song. Since I've started that I've built up quite a large library of songs, but because Compositions are always in tabs in the interface, it clutters things up a bit. It also makes it difficult to rename comps since you have to double click on the tab to rename it. I typically have to widen the interface enough to get my composition from the drop down to an actual tab to rename it. It would be great if you could close those comp tabs and only have open the ones you want to work on, and also if you could rename them from the library somehow.

Also a couple things that would be great for the library would be the ability to rearrange folders/media, ability to select multiple elements and move/delete them, and also the ability to search the library. It would even be great to be able to add tags to media in the library, so if I want to search for a clip based on it's tags I can. It would just help to have a more robust way to organize things as we accumulate clips and compositions in our library.

All in all it's a great app, and has been crucial in helping us take our visual experience to the next level here. Thanks for the hard work!



  • Hello @abentley,

    A redesign of the composition is planned, especially to give the
    ability to close composition (we know it's hard to manage them). But I cannot give you a release date, sorry.

    However, you can rename a composition by selecting it, then using the menubar to rename it (a way to do it without clicking on the tabbar).
    Also, next update of Millumin will allow you to import a MILLU project into another one : so you could share compositions among different projects for example.

    If you need something, please submit an idea on Uservoice : it helps us to keep track of user requests, and measure their popularity. It eases a lot our job.

    Best. Philippe
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