Video mapping on the Aston Martin DBS using Millumin

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  • Hello everyone
    I would like to share with you our current experience with Millumin, used on car mapping setup. 
    At first - just have a look on this video to make an idea what is all about:

    And if you want to see short example of the interactive part of presentation (using TouchOSC on iPad) check this out:

    And now a simple question. Is it on the real car or small model? Hard to guess? And that's exactly what is mapping about - it changing the reality and you can't recognize what is real and what is just projected on something.  See these two photos (photo1 photo2) and you will know how is the scene made - small stage, two midrange 3500 ANSI projectors and one 42" LCD screen. All driven by Mac Mini with Matrox Tripple Head DP edition and of course Millumin. The interactivity we have made with OSC possibility of Millumin + iPad with TouchOSC and a special layout made by us for this.

    We used Mac Mini Intel Core i5 2.5GHz, RAM 8GB, AMD Radeon 6630M 256MB, upgraded it with SSD OCZ Vertex3 disk. Scene of three 1024x768 outputs (project size 3072x768) with some video on dashboard, some in compostion (even couple of nested comps) to arrange eggeblending from two projectors no linery oriented to each other and to the groud and car itself. 

    With our experience on large scale video mapping on building (City Hall, City Tower, Car on the road show, etc.) using other mapping software and hardware solution (mostly Coolux) I want to test the possibilities and advantages of Mullimin. I spent hundreds of hours in last two months with Millumin and I found it really useful even for this kind of extensive mapping setup. And of course I would like to share my experience with Millimun, so anyone have some question to this project, I am ready to describe all of it. 

    Have a nice day!


    And many thanks to Philippe for his great piece of software! 
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    Thanx for sharing Lukas !
  • Good work Lukas !

    We can't see the that a real car? or just a model?
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