published Quartz Composer parameters, in layer v. as effect

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i have a simple "video sampler" patch for quartz composer that i'd like to use in Millumin.
this QC patch allows making video loop recordings of any input source; i'm using it with live cameras.

i need multiple instances of this patch because i'd like to have several layers of looped videos.

i'm finding that when i drag the QC patch into a layer, like in this picture,
i see the "published parameters" from my QC patch under "Media/Quartz" like this picture

on the other hand, when i use the QC patch as an effect, applied to a camera source in a layer like in this picture,
i see the "published parameters" from my QC patch under "effect" like this

as you can see, "boolean" params (like "record") appear as check boxes in the top version, and as sliders in the bottom one.
selection params (like the "loop_mode") appear as drop down menus in the top version, and again as sliders in the bottom one.

the check box and drop down is much better for live use; 
however, if i drop a QC patch in a layer, then i must put the video capture object IN the QC patch; 
in this case, i'm not able to have multiple instances of the QC because it crashes Millumin

So, my question is, how can i get more control over how my published params for a QC patch appear in Millumin, when instantiated as a effect?




  • Hello @Batchku,

    Apparently in Mavericks, Apple fixed the problem of using the same camera in different Quartz patch (this problem doesn't come from Millumin, and is present in any application using Quartz patches).
    Did you try on the lastest version of OSX ?

    Also, as I told you in our email conversation, you can use MilluPlug to create a keyboard shortcut to start/stop/clear recording (see the video in the email, it's pretty handy).

    For now, parameters in Quartz effects are only in numeric format (even boolean). If you need a more "casted" approach, please submit an idea on Uservoice, so we could keep track of this user request, and try to find time to fullfil it.

    Best. Philippe
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