Firewire Camera Settings?

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i'm working with a firewire camera by ImagingSource and would like to access the camera settings; i need to turn auto features off, set shutter speed, choose compression, and also set the captured resolution.  anyone know a way?



  • Hello @Batchku,

    Did you install some drivers for this camera ? Can you access to these parameters through Quicktime for example, or another application ?
    I've been talking with them about another camera, a Gige one, and they simply told me that they don't support Mac for this model. Wondering how other camera are supported on Mac ...

    Best. Philippe
  • hello,
    the camera i'm using needs no drivers for os x; it's this one:

    it does work in quicktime, quartz composer and other places; when i use it with Max, i can access the settings page;  it let's you set things like compression type, auto white balancing/exposure, shutter speed and such.  it's a "standard" window that opens no matter what app you're using to work with the camera; not sure how to get to this window/menu from Millumin...

    any thoughts?

  • Hello @Batchku,

    Do you have such settings in Quicktime 7 or X ? Millumin's camera support is based on Quicktime libraries.
    Could you take a screenshot in Max, please ?

    Best. Philippe
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