A few more pixels

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Crap phone camera, but it still gets the idea across
Haier booth @ CES 2014
8640 x 1920 on the globe
Plus a 1080 blend for good measure =}


  • Hello @dB8,

    Thank you for sharing your pics !
    So 10 screens in total, right ? Did you run everything from the same computer (the LCD panels + projectors) ?
    Don't hesitate to share a video on contact@millumin.com

    Best. Philippe
  • 8 signals from a custom MAC, DA/split to 16 screens around the globe (mirrored).
    2 signals to the PJs from an iMAC.
    We also had 2 sets of 3 monitors turned vertical in a column playing non-dynamic loops using madmapper.

    And Haier had a few displays too =}  Not that we fed those content.

    As for video, I will check the quality of some taken on a DSLR.  The content on is rather bland though... short notice to build and minimal direction from the client.

    Bigger shows coming up, with better content - we hope!!
  • Thank @dB8 for the details.
    I'm wondering what you'll do on your next shows : let's stay in touch !
    Best. Philippe
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