Real Time sketch Projection

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Hi my name is Erick Hans, I am the creative director of a company named HCG (Creative Technology) based in Mexico City.
We have a new interactive project in which we need to project a real time sketch on a car...

We want to use millumin as our main platform and the idea is to create our own sketch tool, but we don't have that much time, so we are wondering if there is some existing tool we can buy or if there is some way we can use a professional sketch book editor and just send the output to millumin...

Hope someone can help us...

Thanks in advance.

Erick Hans


  • Hello @erickhans,

    I doubt there is an application like the one in your video reference.
    But you could use Photoshop and share the result with Millumin via Syphoner (see this tutorial).

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe, I am going to use it, i think is gonna help me a lot.

    Erick Hans

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