Millumin and active 3D output

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Hi Philippe,

For a new project I was asked to make a CAVE setup with active 3D projections. Now I only know a little about 3D projections and was wondering if this is possible to realise as well from within Millumin?

I did find this open source software which supports multi display as well:



  • Hello @mark,

    Millumin doesn't support 3D signals natively.
    Despite I'm not a 3D projection expert, it could be possible. What matters is the model of the projector, and what format it can consume. I suggest you to read this article, and be sure that your projector can work with "frame packing" or "side-by-side" format.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for the article! Was already on my shortlist, will check it out. 
    Are there any plans to support this in a later stage? 
  • Hello @mark,

    As now, no plan to support 3D projectors. But you should create an idea on Uservoice.

    Best. Philippe
  • After reading the article it seems to me that frame packing or frame sequential are the better techniques although it looks like the first being converted to the second within the projector. Where top and bottom is the easiest in converting existing material to 3D and the preferred way for HDMI 1.4 which does the decoding on the display end. The active shutter glasses are controlled via the projectors. 

    For the project I'm looking at the new Mac Pro since I need at least 4 FHD3D outputs and 4 BenQ W1080ST beamers. This requires sending 4 times an output of 1920x2205 at 24fps. I know playing back 4 full hd streams isn't a big problem, but this is twice as heavy. Do you think the new Mac Pro could pull this off? 

    Now only need to find out if the EIED of the Mac Pro would send the correct information... 
  • Hello @mark,

    I'm almost sure that the next MacPro will handle easilly these 4 full-HD-3D streams. For the connection with the beamers, the 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports will also do the job.
    But keep in mind that the machine have not been released yet, so no benchmarks so far.

    Best. Philippe
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