Can millumin be done like this?

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  I want to do a special projection with millumin: one big LED screen for playing background video, one projector for projecting another video on an object which front of the LED screen.I need that the videos can sync play and be control with Arena.
How can I make this work with millumin in a macbook? Do I make the question clear?
Thank you.

============  <---LED for playing background videos

       +++++  <------Object for mapping


  • Hello @gary,

    There is no problem as soon as your LED screen can be plugged to your computer.
    Juste setup 2 screens in Millumin and assign one to your LED screen, and one to your projector.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi philippe

    Do I need a Matrox Dual?
    I drag sypton server into two compositions (layer 1 and layer 2) then rename them as "BG" and "Object",I see there are two Arena files in millumin. But they seem nothing different.I would like to display a different video at the same time on each screen with Arena into millumin.
  • Hi,Philippe

      I am using a Matrox DualHeadGo2 to connect two projector for testing.
    I built two layers in Millumin,At the first time, I drag two videos into milumin to each layer,then I setup output as 2048X768,after that,I drag video to layer1 and layer2 ,I assign them to left and works.
    but when I did the same thing through Arena in to millumin,It did not work. it was a split picture on screens,not the independent video I want to get. Did I make anything wrong?
  • Hi,Phililppe,
       I am sorry,It's my fault,I did not disable output of Arena, now it's working.:)
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