Know your enemy.

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Hi everyone,

i open this thread ( philippe could tell me if can be a good idea ) to leave you free to write about what type of software
you mostly use on your show, and what of that software you would like to see on millumin..

i use mostly pandoras box and watchout, and my hope is to millumin could have a multiple instance controlled by a one. ( manuele i know you man! )

be free to tell us ( and him, philippe, sure ) whats your favourite feature.

btw, good work philippe, mask feature is great and working great!


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    Good idea !
    I've no problem with "enemy" ... Most important, is providing good solution for users !
  • also take a look into D3 and AI(previously called Immersive Addict Show Control)

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    Thanx @jonahjiang !
    It reminds me a lot the Ventuz products.

    I'll have a try for sure. I already download the EXE anyway :)
  • The objects rendering part is similar with Ventuz, both D3 and AI's concept is, make the model(3ds), spread the uvw mapping (as a jpeg and make motion graphics based on this templete), put both in the software, add in virtual projector(consider it as the opposite of a camera, camera takes shots, projector through out shots) and use its available modules to creative the geometry logical relations between the model and virtual projector, add the content on the uvw mapping layer, and it naturally matches together.

    If you move the virtual projector in the software, the physical output automatically changes given the respect to its perspective of where it's located. Vice versa, this helps for onsite setup a lot.

    Good thing is you may create your own device virtually in the software before it gets to the physical output.
  • I currently use Isadora by Troikatronix. I've used it for a long time and have become a pro user, beta tester and forum moderator.

    Because of this I am obviously very loyal to the Isadora software but I am a fan of millumin. I check this forum weekly and watch all the tutorials. I still have the demo on my machine and try a few things here and there.

    It's nice to see that this software has grown and got a community now.

    I find the interface a little confusing but thats because i'm very set in my ways with Isadora. There are lots of nice features in millumin though and perhaps one day I may use it for a an event :)

    All the best.

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    Hi All,
    I'm actually testing the latest Millumin version 1.42, and it's very promising. It's a great tool !

    I am (like Skulpture) an heavy Isadora user/programmer and I love it, but the main problem on Isadora is the playback engine. It isn't as smooth as VDMX's, Modul8's.
    Millumin's engine works very well and I've been looking for this sequential way of working.
    64Bits, Hap alpha, After effects, Blackmagic, Syphon supports are so great.

    But some functions (for the moment ?) are missing for me:
    - More control over movies : trigger specific position, play, pause, reverse, variable speed, send trigger at end of movie.
    - More tools for timeline : Wait, freeze, Jump, custom layer fade, midi/dmx/osc  send triggers.
    - More Millumin's parameters controlled via timeline/midi/osc/dmx
    - More audio features.

    I know it's a brand new version (3.xx) and there are some good things to come.
    Congratulations for this great tool.


  • Hello @fifOU,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    Usually it's better for us, to send these ideas on Uservoice, as it helps us to keep track of the user requests, and measure their popularity. On your side, you can follow if an idea become "planned" or "started" (once it's completed, you usually receive a notification).

    Here are a link to the ideas you proposed. Don't hesitate to vote for ! As you can see, a lot of these ideas are planned (however, do not expect a release date yet).
    About your other suggestions :
    • More control over movies : variable speed
      There is a "speed" parameter in the Properties panel (right of the interface).

    • More control over movies : trigger specific position, play, pause
      To have access to these controls, you need to expand the "Time" panel of the dashboard (right of the interface).

    • More control over movies : send trigger at end of movie
      You can set up the "loop" parameter and choose "auto-follow".

    • More Millumin's parameters controlled via timeline/midi/osc/dmx
      Did you tried MilluPlug ? I think it's what you're looking for.
    Best. Philippe
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