DMX support update

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Any update on DMX support?
I have a theatre show coming up which I'm wanting to control Millumin from a lighting console
I'm wanting to be able to trigger pauses and fades in Millumin

Lovely Millumin by the way, great work



  • Hello Tony,

    Artnet support should come by the end of the month (it's DMX via ethernet cables).

    If you use traditional DMX, I suppose you got an Enttec DMX USB Pro, right ?
    The support of this device is planned, but unfortenatly I've no release date for the moment.

    And the last solution is to have a DMX-to-MIDI converter, so you could MIDI map your lighting console directly in Millumin.

    Tell me what solution you use to get DMX signal into your computer. For the moment, I'm focused on improving videomapping (a new version will be available in a few hours !), but I'm sure I could find the time to help you futher than this ;)

  • Phillipe,

    I will be using Artnet, currently it is a Enttec DMX USB Pro that I have available to use with a GrandMA lighting console. I have found more theatre productions want the control of the visual via the lighting console so fade out of lighting and visuals can be programmed and sync'd. 

    I have a theatre show which is made of 4 screens with individual files but making one whole picture. 
    The video is played faded out and paused depending on the scene. Each projector has it own file but the fiile is the whole length of the show not broken into the scenes.
    Being able to control it from the lighting console would allow me to fade in and out and pause to lighting ques programmed in the lighting desk rather than having a video operator having to take ques.

    The hard thing was when i did this show at the start of the year we used Q-LAB with a seperate operator and the show was not in English so it was very hard to get right, but we managed. 

    Redoing the show with Millumin with custom built screens and Artnet support and something like simple sync would make the whole process alot easier


  • Yes, I know well QLab, and it's widely used in theater. It's one of my concurrents ;)

    Anyway, I'll send you an email when the Artnet beta will be available, so you could test it and send me some feedback. I think it will come before the end of this month.
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