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First of all i'm new to Millumin, but i have to ay, love the software. So maybe i'm using the slice and mask tool not as it is suppose to be.

What i want to do, is duplicate boards, with the setup that i have created into the first one. So that i can prepare multiple boards for multiple DJs.
Now if i create a board with multiple Slices and moved and tweaked them for a setup with 3 projections, it creates a "Copy of layer 1", which is great. But when im copy pasting these layers into my second board, it doesn't take the target layer and i loose al my Slices. It then says "Copy layer (no target layer selected", with no option to relink a target layer.

Maybe i'm using the Slices and Masks in a wrong way, or is there some sort of duplicate board command i didn't see. Many thanks in advanced!!  


  • Hello Kitchen Pilot,

    I have tried what you did to recreate the problem.
    With the copy layer selected, I can choose the target layer for the copy layer In the attributes window on the side.
    However it doesn't display on my screen, and the outline of the picture is red.
    the application also seems to fall out of fullscreen, but the screen stays black...

    some very strange behaviour indeed.
    Phillipe help?



  • Hello @KitchenPilot and @sanderloonen,

    This small bug will be fixed in next update (1.41, coming soon).
    But you'll always need to rebind the "copy layer" and the original layer (as said Sander Loonen, see the Properties panel on the right).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi @sanderloonen and @Millumin
    Many thanks for the quick response, if found the "choose target layer" option,many thanks. Will wait for the 1.41 version, so that this bug is fixed. Is there already a date when this version is coming. Many thanks for all the support! Cheers Jilles

  • Hello @KitchenPilot,

    It should come in the next days (end of week, or beginning of the following one).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,
    that sounds great!! Looking forward to it, for more testen. Many thanks! 
  • Hi Philippe, it works great now with the 1.42 version, many thanks! Cheers.
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