Framebuffer problem!

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I use a Mac Pro with 3 dual video card. My project is 5120x768 pixel and i want to show 5 projector. If i set the output to this resolution i get this message:

The operation couldn't be completed. (Frambuffer Object creation or update failed!error 10)

Any idea?

thx for answare


  • Hello,

    Most graphic cards today go up to 4096x4096 pixels. No more.
    Apprently this is your case : your final resolution is bigger and the graphic card cannot handle it.
    Just to be sure : if you got a video file at this size, try to read it with Quicktime, it should display a black screen.

    Sorry about this. I know this problem, and I'm thinking about splitting textures in Millumin, to use bigger textures.

  • thx for a answare and i wait a solution :)>-

  • I have just tested on our mac pro's , each with 3 gfx cards 5770's and have the project set at 6400 x 1080 playing a video of 6400 x 720 and all seems to work fine. Its across 4 monitors so its a bit out but there are no frame buffer problems. Could be low vram on gfx cards.Also works upto 8192 x 1080 but playback gets choppy.
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