Using Composition keyframes as controller for Millumin parameters

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Hi Philippe,
I was playing around with Milluplug in the hope a creating a "virtual loop" in Millumin, (i.e. the opacity parameter in a composition to control the opacity of the layer 1) with no luck. Indeed the opacity parameters is not available in the list of input in Milluplug and it's not possible to send back directly a data from Millumin to Millumin...
So, without the use of any other tool (I know that it would be easy with a small Max patch, or other software, to trigger ramps, for example, with a simple Cuepoint reception, but that's not the point), could it be possible to achieve this, now or in a near future?
The exact situation is that a sound as to be dimmed (but not to the minimum) at a certain point which is not predictable in time (ah.. those actors that are not plugged to a Time Code machine... :-) )
Thanks in advance for your answer. Many thanks for your work.



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    Hello @benoitsimon,

    If I understand your problem : you have an audio file that is looping, and at some point in the theater piece, you wanna diminish slowly the volume (not to zero however). Am I right ?
    When is your deadline ?

    I think the best solution for you, would be the new cuepoints type (loop, pause, jump-to, ...) that will allow you to create an "interactive" composition. But it won't come in the next weeks.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,
    You understood well the situation. It's not a looped song but a long one, but I presume that it's the same.
    The question were asked for "Ring" - the drama piece that is beginning October 1st in Paris, but they have a workaround, so no worries. It was a simple question to suggest a possible new feature for Millumin.
    So, we will wait patienly the new cuepoint type!

    Regards. Benoit.
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