Display Test Card Shows Two Cards For One Canvas

Hello, All!

I'm having an issue that seems new to me and I'm hoping you can help.

I have a Mac Studio with two USB-C-to-HDMI adapters running to a switcher. My outputs are 3840x1728 pixels each. I have made a canvas and configured the layout as a 2 X 1 with a total pixel dimension of 7680x1728.

Playing the custom content works fine. (Mostly) No, the weird issue I'm having is that when I Display Test Card, I get two 3840x1728 Test Cards butted up against each other, not a single test card that spans the entire canvas.

Does anyone know what causes this? Again, the layout reports everything is configured correctly, but generating the test card seems incorrect.



  • Hello @Duncan,

    This is the expected behavior : one test-card per output.

    Is it a problem ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi, Philippe! Thanks for the reply.

    I completely understand the one-test-card-per-output. In many use cases, that's totally fine. I was just having a moment where I could swear that I'd gotten a single test card on a widescreen canvas that was sent over two outputs to two LED wall processors.

    It begs the question: would it be worth having the option to do either...generate a Test Card per output, or a Test Card that handles the whole canvas?


  • Hello @Duncan,

    For now, this is not planned and it has not been requested lately.

    However two solutions for a single test-card for a canvas with multiple outputs :

    • Using you own image file to display a single test-card
    • Having a canvas with only one (unassigned) output, then a video-routing to dispatch every part of your canvas to the right output. See this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • Great suggestions! Thank you.

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