Problem with Blackmagic Hyperdeck

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thanks for the great work with Millumin.

We found a bug that restart the computer. 

Blackmagic Hyperdeck connected, integrated into 3 differents 3840/1080 compositions with simple transitions (fade-in, zoom-in…).
2 HD movies running in background.

Activating first composition is ok, activating the second one slow down all to 5/7 images/second, and clicking on the third one crash the computer.

Zero problem when putting 3 Hyperdeck sources directly into the board.

Details in file attachment.

Question : will it be possible in the future to have a composition with a different size than the project size ?


  • Hello @Pierre,

    First of all : Millumin cannot crash your computer, it's just a software.
    A computer crash is caused by a kernel panic : it means by Mac OSX or the firmwire ...

    Running compositions, fades, ... is of course more consuming than simply running the Hyperdeck directly in the dashboard. But the difference shouldn't be noticeable.
    Please post your project (just the MILLU file), so I could see this more clearly.

    By the way, your log says you are using a MBP Retina : I recently ran into a similar issue, affecting all software using 3D (After Effects, Cinema4D, ...). I found and replied to this post on Apple forums.
    I think it's a firmwire bug, but some people are saying it's an hardware problem.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I edited your post to make it more readable (the log is now attached as a TXT file)
  • Hello @Pierre,

    About your issue, did you try to use gfxCardStatus and force to use only the Integrated Card (Intel HD 4000) ?
    If the problem is the same as this one (Apple forums), you should bring your computer to an Apple Care center.

    Best. Philippe
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