IMAC PRO - xenon w & pro vega 56


I want to buy IMAC PRO - xenon 8-core w & pro vega 56 8GB, 32 GB RAM. I want use it in the 2x 4k60Hz output configuration. Please tell me whether millumin will work smoothly with several h264 mp4 files several png plus blackmagic recorder 3G input.

Thank you for your answer.



  • Hello @sebastianstryjczak,

    I would rather advise you to buy a Mac Studio M2 Max : it should be cheaper than this iMac Pro and much more powerful. Of course, we are not a hardware reseller, so this is just my opinion.

    About the codec : for best performances and quality, do not use H264 because it requires far more resources to be decoded. More info in this post.

    Best. Philippe

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